Fixing Broken ‘Stuff’

I hope I’m not making too big a mistake trying to learn this new WordPress soft ware while we are rehabbing our coach.  Time will tell.Image

This picture of our chassis batteries shows that there has been very little maintenance on this coach for the past few years.  Parked in the desert, dust infiltrated all of the storage compartments.  I changed these out as they were stone dead and 8 years old.  The ‘house batteries’ are 4 Trojan T-105s that I installed 2 months ago.


Our 4 House batteries, I had the re-cabled at Starlight Solar while our 500w Solar array was installed.  Note, our solar panels are attached flat on our roof rather than on stands in our 5th wheel.  This roof is very large and they will never be in shadow.  Putting a panel in 5% shadow can take away 75% of it’s output.

Sadly we said ‘Good-bye’ to Charlie and Dawn Boles today.  They have been with us during the last week while we transitioned into our new coach.  Charlie is the Jr. Past President of Chapter #8, The Mexican Connection.  Their help in planning next years tour to Kino Bay is much appreciated!

Our compartment door’s latches are a mess.  To maintain them, you should spray with cleaner to flush of the crap and lubricate with a dry lube so as not to attract dust and make mud. I’m doing this, it is slow work.  Several components have failed as they have been forced;-(

We are ready for the road, we will leave Yuma on Monday and travel 1,200 miles east to Austin, staying at Jim Hogg Campground.



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