A bad day for the checkbook!

We started out at the shop which fitted our Toad with the necessary brackets to mate the Toad to our Motorhome.  This required a $399 kit and about 4 hours of labor.  The photo below shows the car with the front fascia removed during the installation.Image

Next we were on to the Tyre shop.  BTW: A Tyre is an tire that costs over $500.  Motorhome tires never wear out, they dry rot and are rather universally accepted to have a 7 year lifespan if your lucky.  The Michelin tires on our coach would not have been good for a tire swing.  Note below the huge tread depth left on them.


The tyres in the back are our new Toyos.  The photo on the left shows the sidewall cracks


These houses are not bundled up for the winter.  Their owners have fled to the northern states and are trying to arrest the ravages 100°+ heat & wind.

I took a cold shower this morning, photo not fit to print!.  No, not because I needed one. The water started out tepid and cooled off from there.  What?  We have a 10 gallon hot water heater. 

When I lifted the hatch to investigate, I found about 1/8″ of dusty sand coating the internals.  Image

Maybe I can wash it away with a bottle of Leinenkugel’s Summer Shanty.  A great adult beverage in the hot weather!  Summer cannot be far away when this brew hits the shelves at Krogers.Image

Tomorrow, we depart for Texas where hopefully we can close up some legal business and Anne-Marie can get released by her back surgeon.

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