East Bound to Texas Today, GOOD-BYE DISH!

Thank-you Carl Lawson for catching my mind phart when I said we were going west to Texas on the last post.  I guess it’s a damn good thing I use a GPS.

One of the most rewarding phone calls I’ve made was on Friday when I canceled our DISH satellite TV service.  Like many RV’ers, we have a love/hate relationship with our electronic service providers.  They always seem too expensive and often fail to fill our needs and wants.

DISH stabbed it’s RV customers in the back when it failed to provide ‘Distant Locals’ with very little notice and no viable alternative.  3 years ago, we received east and west coast feed from the networks.  No extra cost, we simply filled out federal documents declaring ourselves as transients.  Last year, DISH advised us that service had been taken over by a 3rd party and cost would be $120/year.  In Janurary, trade papers issued warning that the third party supplier was going broke. 

In March, DISH turned us off.  They had lots of excuses, no reasonable alternative.  While we could get locals from whatever location we were parked at, the station numbers and times were in constant flux making it impossible to watch or record on their system.

We voted with our feet and had Direct TV installed.  I’m know they have their own set of issues: 2 year contact, no RV friendly plan, etc.  My supplier set us up with a New York service address that allows us to receive New York city feed where ever our location.

Our rig had a manual dish installed which works fine.  It takes about 5 minutes to aim and support 2 TV feeds.  The KVH dome next to it is O.E.M equipment and non functional


We went to a repositioning  dinner last evening at The Asian Palace, one of the best Chinese restaurants we have ever eaten in.  Thank-you’s to Charlie and Dawn Boles for adding this to our list of greats.Image

Anne-Marie is smiling because this is a huge pile of fresh fried colossal shrimp served with a honey based walnut sauce.  We shared this along with the best Won Ton soup I’ve ever had.

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