Benson, AZ to Deming, NM is 176 miles, an easy day!

We’ve spent the last few days at Sargasso Co-op park.  We rested and worked on ‘bucket list’ item that need doing on our coach.  This was made easier by the help of several fellows and the use of the very nice shop that is part of the facility.  Fully tooled for this type of work, it is maintained by volunteers and stocked with donations.  I got a kick out of a sign that noted that The Beautiful Table Saw was married to the Broom, they always work together.


Steve from Kiwi RV Repair spend almost 3 hours cleaning and adjusting our gas appliances.  The photo below shows him reaming out a huge amount of sediment in our hot water heater.  Note to file: Do not put a sacrificial anode in a suburban water heater, they are made out of aluminum and do not cooperate with a zinc anode!


Later in the week, I did my ‘Flying Walenda’ impersonation while caulking the roof.  I had noticed some minor issues during my per-purchase inspection.  It’s almost 90° making this a warm job to say the least. 


We are parked on a bare lot, no caseda or fancy stone work.  If it goes on the market, it would probably be $12,000.  With annual maintenance fee of about $700, its good deal.  Improved lots are $20k to $30k.  We are on the list….



         Does this seem to be true for you? 

We will travel today to Deming, NM where we plan to spent 4 days at The Rovers Roost, another Escapee’s Park.

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