A Dry Heat and a Brisk Wind here!


Great weather here, if you can stand-up to enjoy it!  35mph sustained  wind is no fun to drive a 40′ barn door shaped motorhome it.  I didn’t get much above 60mph yesterday, my old arthritic hands are screaming at me after gripping the wheel like a vise for a few hours.  At 60mph, I was passed by 1 or 2 motor-homes, God be with them.  I can unequivocally state that a big 5th wheel is much better in the severe winds.

We arrived at Dream Catcher RV Park yesterday at about 4:00, after we setup, we went to Forgetaboutit Pizza shop.  Got to tell you, this place is on a par with the best New Haven, CT can do in it’s ovens!  Our thin crust beauty had meatballs, sausage & peppers.


Enough about us, This Amelia Mattesen our ‘Baby’ Granddaughter.  She has just been accepted at Worcester Poly Tech.  We are very proud of her!

Please leave a note in the ‘Comments’ section below telling me your good news today!  How do you get notified when I update this?

5 thoughts on “A Dry Heat and a Brisk Wind here!

  1. Charlie & Sue Schaffer says:

    We look forward to Arnold’s blog, reminds us our time on the road. Told Sue about your suggestion about walkers & canes. We were donated a top of the line laptop, printer (never used one time) and a new electronic keyboard

  2. Charlie and Dawn says:

    Windy here. 6 mi South of Sedona. All is well. We picked up our van and loaded all the rocks and Ironwood from the MH. The houses are fine and Dr’s apps start start tomorrow.We miss you.

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