We are at Big Bend National Park in southern Texas. There is no Verizon Internet or telephone service here. For a few days we may as well be on the back side of the moon!Image

About 300 miles from Deming, NM we stopped in the very small town of Marfa, Texas. Their main claim to fame is an oddity called the Marfa Lights. Drive out of town a few miles and stop at the viewing area very far in the distant mountains you can see unexplained lights. They were 1st noted several hundred years ago by Apaches living in the area. We did not see them as it was a full moon, next time maybe.


We had some important documentation work to be done concerning our vehicle registration. A Power of Attorney had to be notarized, the next morning we went into town. At the town hall we meet Don who seemed to be the town Manager. He was very pleasant and we had a nice visit, it seemed we were going to be his excitement for the day. He was not a Notary but did refer us to another Brother that worked at The Marfa Bank. We were again treated to a basket full of Texas hospitality, they even encouraged me to put my hand in their 150 year old safe!


The road to Big Bend N.P. was 96 miles, for the most part it was desolate. We were happy to pay a $.50 / gallon premium at a fuel station just outside the park. You see the access road is about 70 miles long, than you have 20 miles to get to the campground. We were not going to see fuel for 200+ miles. In fact we found fuel in the park, it was the same price.


There are no hook ups here, the sites are very nice. There is a full service campground a few miles away run as a concession. They are $33/night as compared to our comparatively huge site at $7/night. Our solar is working fine, I have discovered that our main TV is an energy hog. It is a flat screen but not an LED.


Note to File; When disengaging from Toad it is NOT wise to drop the tow bar. Doing so will not speed up the process as the cable connector will break and you will have to resort to a primal skill of rewiring it.


On Wednesday we drove over to Cas Grande Peak which at 7103 feet is the highest accessible point in the park. The Lodge there has a general store and a campground suitable for tents and small campers. Being about 3,000 feet above the nominal altitude, the vistas are very nice.

There was also a ‘hot springs’ about 4 miles off the road, up a mine trail.  Must have been fun 100 years ago when it was in full swing!  Can you believe I was too shy to join that topless chicks that were in there?




Meanwhile, back at the campground we were visited by a Roadrunner. He denied having a ‘Beep-beep’ horn or a wolf chasing him. We’ve seen a quite a few of these, they are always on the run and impossible to photograph with my simple camera.

Today is Good Friday, I hope to be in a campground with WiFi so I can edit and post this to you.

We are at San Angelo State Park, nice sites, Water & Electric Hookups.


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  1. Charlie & Sue Schaffer says:

    Our first NP after going full time. Chloe chased up a herd of javelinas in the same dry campground you visited

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