Happy Easter 2014


We are at San Angelo State Park. We’re  happy here and hope you and your families are enjoying the season regardless of the flavor.

We had relatively heavy rain last night, enough to cause minor flooding in the street.  In drought ravaged Texas, this is cause to celebrate.

We were privileged to attend service at Calvary Lutheran Church this morning.  Packed?  They ran out of bulletins!  Two children were baptized, a nice tradition here is they embroider their name (s) in the wall hanging.  After the service the hanging is gifted to the parents. 


Last year we ‘crashed’ their annual picnic.  Several folks {including Pastor Curt} remembered that and welcomed us back.

Anne-Marie fixed a wonderful meal of Chicken Parm. and Raviolis.  Can’t get much better than that for this fellow!   While she cooked I repaired a few more storage bay latches. I will soon report they are all done!


After dinner, it was time for serendipity.  Gail Horels and her one horse surrey stopped on her jaunt thru the park.  They give tours (advance reservation required) and can be found HERE.


Tomorrow, continue on to Georgetown.

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