The route from Elkhart to Noblesville Indiana

There is a new website that is gaining popularity with folks in the RV industry and their customers.  It’s kind of like a ‘Facebook’ for campers and you should give gander at  I have belonged for about 6 weeks and can report -0- SPAM and it is at no cost.

We stayed at the Elkhart Fairground for 7 days after the Escapade for some R&R and to await mail.  We joined the Tri-State Rally taking advantage of the any Escapee can attend any event policy of The Escapees.

Why are theIMG_3039se folks smiling?  They just finished a pot luck supper and are awaiting a local trio to give a great performance, enjoyed by all.


We spent Wednesday at the huge flea market/farmer’s Market in Shipshewana.  We walked our feet of, having a late lunch at their restaurant where Anne-Marie really enjoyed an old favorite ‘Ham Meatloaf’  This was one of her specialties when we did a bunch of fraternal cooking, the folks always enjoyed it.

The previous owner of our rig had the sofa removed and a very functional desk built in, it gives us a very useful floor plan.  They installed 2 residential overstuffed recliners.  These are too big and have to go.

This area of Indiana is home to a large community of Amish Farmers and skilled cabinet makers as witnessed by the horse & buggies parked at the RV manufacturing plants. We looked in 3 furniture showrooms in the area, the quality was outstanding to say the least.

The 3rd place the owner quickly suggested the we visit Lambright Comfort Chairs which we did.  This is the place you need if looking for RV furniture ofOur New Chairs very high quality.  They make items for Newmar and Tiffin, high end motor-homes to say the least.  We ordered 2 of the chairs shown below, we will pick them up on our way back to Elkhart for the Fleetwood/F.M.C.A. rally.

We are now in Nobelsville, IN about 120 miles south.  We are camping with Charlie & Sue Schaffer as they have strong family ties here.

Escapade is over, The rain has gone away, Tri-State Rally is underway 2014

We have been plagued by rain for the last 5 days, over 3″ in 2 days is a bunch of rain!  On top of that it has been unseasonablyImage cold, mid-30’s at night!  With 500+ motor-homes parked is the grassy quagmire, it was a potential nightmare getting out.  These behemoths will put to bed the urban legend that ‘heavy is better’ when traction is being sought.  The Elkhart Fairground was very accommodating, allowing folks to stay an extra day or two while the ground dries out a bit.

Sunday morning brought with it the sun, we moved up near the AG-Center where we have 3 way hook-ups and a walking distance from our next event which is the Tri-State Rally, hosted by chapters #6, #36 & #51.  For the next 3 days we will join the in all their activities {Skipping the dreaded Business Meetings}.




Dinner last night was pulled pork, Baked & Loaded Spuds, Salad & Cheesecake w/berries.  Our group is about 60 folks.

This was followed buy a 3 man group that was very entertaining.





Escapade is winding down…. 2014


It’s been a long hard week, mixed with meeting and greeting both old friends and new friends.  We manned the rows information table along with our friends Lynn & Micky Waite.  The finale for our Chapter #8 group was a presentation for those interested in RV travel to Mexico.  The fact  that we had 50+ attendees proved that our ‘fishing’ on The Row was very fruitful.

Note that the folks here are all dressed in foul weather gear.  It has been severe rain here for the last 4 days.  Folks are getting anxious about moving their 15 to homes out of the muddy fields.



We closed our chapter’s activities  with a Mexican Style Margarita Party catered by Anne-Marie and yours truly.  On Thursday morning after the row closed, we helped break the display down and went shopping to the food and beverages.  I’m showing a picture of the food only as I need to protect the innocents who indulged in Margareta’s!

We are NOT leaving on Saturday, Chapter #51 is extending their stay by 4 days to have their rally.  We will be attending while alI wait for a replacement wiper switch for our coach.




My next ‘fun job’ will be changing these sewage valves, I’m betting all my friends will disappear when I do that!

Hope you are all staying dry….




Escapade, a week of work and play 2014



We arrived in early, the better to enable us in helping on The Row. The various non-commercial Escapee B.O.F. {Birds of a Feather} have displays of their activities and events.  We are working to support ‘our’ anticipated Tour to Kino Bay  during February of 2015.  Our highly skilled staff are from left to right: Lin & Mareka Hines {They are the Presidents by virtue of their position of Wagon Masters last year}, Anne-Marie Arnold and Lynn Waite who is our assigned V.I.P. from the Escapees.

There is evening entertainment most nights starting and 7:00 so as not to conflict with necessary Happy Hours and dinners.  On Monday, we were entertained by Johny Counterfit, wonderful renditions of the 50’s  and 60’s Country Western sounds.ImageImage

On Tuesday there was a parade of the participants on The Row.  On the right you see our banner being paraded past the reviewing stand by Lynn and Micky Waite.  They are both camera shy as you can see.

Somehow the hat doesn’t fit the smile on this Veteran!







“Free” Ice Cream always a crowd pleaser!

Kos. Co. Shrine Club held a well recieved fish fry while we were in Warsaw, IN.  $8/All you can eat, they had at least 200 folks there.



Chapter #14 Rally to Escapade, GREAT FUN and too much food! 2014


We’ve spent the last 7 days with members of Escapee’s Chapter #42 as we joined their Rolling Rally on route to Goshen, IN for our 3rd Escapade.  We’ve made 3 stops along the way, each having a great campground with a restaurant near buy the was over the top.  In Bardstown, KY we went to BJ’s Steakhouse with the whole group

Than on to CERALAND in Columbus, IN where we stayed 3 days.  Cummings Employees Recreational Area is as the name implies a very large park with opportunities for every type of recreation from Golf to shooting range.

We had a 3 hour tour of the plant that has built virtually all of the engines in Dodge Pick-ups and  Medium Duty Freightliner Chassis.  Very Modern and clean, our guide gave us a very interesting description of the success of their 6 Sigma plan.  No cameras allowed 😦   I did find this very good U-tube variation of the tour.

We had a fun tour of The Popcorn Factory.  They have 370 varieties and ship all over the world.


Our last stop was in Warsaw for one night


Eat?  Oh yes!  We went to the local Sirloin Stockade.  This was our first experience there, it was very good.

I am posting this from Goshen, IN the location of this year’s Escapade.

 Goshen, IN, USA

Red Poppy Festival 2014


Georgetown has an annual ‘Red Poppy Festival’ every year at this time.  The weather this year was great and the crowd was huge.  The center of the town is a square surrounded by shops, restaurants and professional offices.  Traffic is blocked off for 2 blocks in each direction giving a festival atmosphere.


There were about 200 vendor’s, mostly arts and crafts, a few had animals, Anne-Marie like the goat.  Maybe she’s thinking of trading me in.

WP_20140426_010 WP_20140426_012 WP_20140426_016 WP_20140426_008.

The crowd was very well behaved, most had brought their own chairs turning this into a family event. We found a seat in a bar and had Pizza and Beer.

The main event was a concert by the Belamy Brothers.  Not style of music, I keep that opinion to myself as ‘The Crowd Went Wild’ would be the general opinion.  We were standing not more than 25 feet from the stage.


I’m writing this in Bardstown, KY where we have jooined up with the Roaming Rally sponsored by Chapter #42 of the Escapee’s.  Pot Luck last night, tonight going out to a local steak house.  Trying to relax while fixing minor items and cleaning more dust from the rig.


Bitten By a ‘Gator 2014

Have you ever been bitten by a road gator?  Not sure?  Below is a Road ‘Gator as chucked of a trailer truck tire.  These are often recaps but do not have to be.  Most tractor and trailer tires {not steering axles} are recapped and a small percent fail.Image  This is a picture off of Google.

The picture below is not off of Google.  It is the left front ‘fog light’ on our Toyota after hitting the ‘Gator’ which our motor-home tossed back at it at 60mph.  I had no choice, truck in front of me tossed it at me.  Very light damage (pun intended) and no injuries, I’ll take itImage








I mentioned that we spent last evening at a rest stop in Arkansas, It was very park like, low noise.





Tonight we are boon-docking in a Lowe’s parking lot in Jackson, Tenn.  We have 250 miles to go tomorrow to hook-up with Chapter #42’s Rolling Rally.