2 Weeks in Texas, Hitch Fever Attacks 2014

While at Jim Hogg campground, I believe the poor i-net was the cause of my not being able to write this blog  We spent a great deal of time and energy moving our ‘stuff’ from storage, stowing it and fixing minor problems as we discovered them.  On Thursday, Anne-Marie got a conditional release from her surgeon, we left Texas on Friday!


Following a tip I got on the i-net, I crawled under the coach and discovered that the electric motors that run the 3 slides were slightly loose with regards to mounted to their transmission.  While down there I sprayed ‘dry lube’ on the slides and gears.Image

Every thing is so dusty!  I am reminded of the time I blew up our household vacuum cleaner while cleaning to oil burner in our 1st house in Bloomfield, CT.  Blew chimney soot throughout the house, traces could still years later when we slod the house!

We also had the fellows at Bartlet Truck service do a complete preventive maintenance service, every thing was due; Engine, Transmission, Generator.  Synthetic ATF and associated filter(s) is very expensive, needs to be changed every 60,000 miles.

As small job that took us about 3 days of attention was procuring our plates.  Notice the difference?  Our domicile is till Texas, think of this as our summer home in another state.Image

I am posting this from a very nice rest area in Arkansas.  They have  a dedicated o’nite parking area for Rv’s.  Separated from trucks and most of the traffic and noise.

We are going to meet up with Chapter #42’s ‘Rolling Rally’ which will end at Escapade in Goshen Indiana.

One thought on “2 Weeks in Texas, Hitch Fever Attacks 2014

  1. Charlie & Sue Schaffer says:

    Arrived in Smith Center 1 hr ago for yearly maintenance on RV. Hopefully leave Tues or We’d for St Louis to visit a friend from Auxier days. He brought many volunteers to help over the years. Then to Ind for youngest daughter’s wedding party on May 17 Charlie

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