Bitten By a ‘Gator 2014

Have you ever been bitten by a road gator?  Not sure?  Below is a Road ‘Gator as chucked of a trailer truck tire.  These are often recaps but do not have to be.  Most tractor and trailer tires {not steering axles} are recapped and a small percent fail.Image  This is a picture off of Google.

The picture below is not off of Google.  It is the left front ‘fog light’ on our Toyota after hitting the ‘Gator’ which our motor-home tossed back at it at 60mph.  I had no choice, truck in front of me tossed it at me.  Very light damage (pun intended) and no injuries, I’ll take itImage








I mentioned that we spent last evening at a rest stop in Arkansas, It was very park like, low noise.





Tonight we are boon-docking in a Lowe’s parking lot in Jackson, Tenn.  We have 250 miles to go tomorrow to hook-up with Chapter #42’s Rolling Rally.

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