Red Poppy Festival 2014


Georgetown has an annual ‘Red Poppy Festival’ every year at this time.  The weather this year was great and the crowd was huge.  The center of the town is a square surrounded by shops, restaurants and professional offices.  Traffic is blocked off for 2 blocks in each direction giving a festival atmosphere.


There were about 200 vendor’s, mostly arts and crafts, a few had animals, Anne-Marie like the goat.  Maybe she’s thinking of trading me in.

WP_20140426_010 WP_20140426_012 WP_20140426_016 WP_20140426_008.

The crowd was very well behaved, most had brought their own chairs turning this into a family event. We found a seat in a bar and had Pizza and Beer.

The main event was a concert by the Belamy Brothers.  Not style of music, I keep that opinion to myself as ‘The Crowd Went Wild’ would be the general opinion.  We were standing not more than 25 feet from the stage.


I’m writing this in Bardstown, KY where we have jooined up with the Roaming Rally sponsored by Chapter #42 of the Escapee’s.  Pot Luck last night, tonight going out to a local steak house.  Trying to relax while fixing minor items and cleaning more dust from the rig.


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