Chapter #14 Rally to Escapade, GREAT FUN and too much food! 2014


We’ve spent the last 7 days with members of Escapee’s Chapter #42 as we joined their Rolling Rally on route to Goshen, IN for our 3rd Escapade.  We’ve made 3 stops along the way, each having a great campground with a restaurant near buy the was over the top.  In Bardstown, KY we went to BJ’s Steakhouse with the whole group

Than on to CERALAND in Columbus, IN where we stayed 3 days.  Cummings Employees Recreational Area is as the name implies a very large park with opportunities for every type of recreation from Golf to shooting range.

We had a 3 hour tour of the plant that has built virtually all of the engines in Dodge Pick-ups and  Medium Duty Freightliner Chassis.  Very Modern and clean, our guide gave us a very interesting description of the success of their 6 Sigma plan.  No cameras allowed 😦   I did find this very good U-tube variation of the tour.

We had a fun tour of The Popcorn Factory.  They have 370 varieties and ship all over the world.


Our last stop was in Warsaw for one night


Eat?  Oh yes!  We went to the local Sirloin Stockade.  This was our first experience there, it was very good.

I am posting this from Goshen, IN the location of this year’s Escapade.

 Goshen, IN, USA

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