Escapade, a week of work and play 2014



We arrived in early, the better to enable us in helping on The Row. The various non-commercial Escapee B.O.F. {Birds of a Feather} have displays of their activities and events.  We are working to support ‘our’ anticipated Tour to Kino Bay  during February of 2015.  Our highly skilled staff are from left to right: Lin & Mareka Hines {They are the Presidents by virtue of their position of Wagon Masters last year}, Anne-Marie Arnold and Lynn Waite who is our assigned V.I.P. from the Escapees.

There is evening entertainment most nights starting and 7:00 so as not to conflict with necessary Happy Hours and dinners.  On Monday, we were entertained by Johny Counterfit, wonderful renditions of the 50’s  and 60’s Country Western sounds.ImageImage

On Tuesday there was a parade of the participants on The Row.  On the right you see our banner being paraded past the reviewing stand by Lynn and Micky Waite.  They are both camera shy as you can see.

Somehow the hat doesn’t fit the smile on this Veteran!







“Free” Ice Cream always a crowd pleaser!

Kos. Co. Shrine Club held a well recieved fish fry while we were in Warsaw, IN.  $8/All you can eat, they had at least 200 folks there.


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