Escapade is winding down…. 2014


It’s been a long hard week, mixed with meeting and greeting both old friends and new friends.  We manned the rows information table along with our friends Lynn & Micky Waite.  The finale for our Chapter #8 group was a presentation for those interested in RV travel to Mexico.  The fact  that we had 50+ attendees proved that our ‘fishing’ on The Row was very fruitful.

Note that the folks here are all dressed in foul weather gear.  It has been severe rain here for the last 4 days.  Folks are getting anxious about moving their 15 to homes out of the muddy fields.



We closed our chapter’s activities  with a Mexican Style Margarita Party catered by Anne-Marie and yours truly.  On Thursday morning after the row closed, we helped break the display down and went shopping to the food and beverages.  I’m showing a picture of the food only as I need to protect the innocents who indulged in Margareta’s!

We are NOT leaving on Saturday, Chapter #51 is extending their stay by 4 days to have their rally.  We will be attending while alI wait for a replacement wiper switch for our coach.




My next ‘fun job’ will be changing these sewage valves, I’m betting all my friends will disappear when I do that!

Hope you are all staying dry….



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