Escapade is over, The rain has gone away, Tri-State Rally is underway 2014

We have been plagued by rain for the last 5 days, over 3″ in 2 days is a bunch of rain!  On top of that it has been unseasonablyImage cold, mid-30’s at night!  With 500+ motor-homes parked is the grassy quagmire, it was a potential nightmare getting out.  These behemoths will put to bed the urban legend that ‘heavy is better’ when traction is being sought.  The Elkhart Fairground was very accommodating, allowing folks to stay an extra day or two while the ground dries out a bit.

Sunday morning brought with it the sun, we moved up near the AG-Center where we have 3 way hook-ups and a walking distance from our next event which is the Tri-State Rally, hosted by chapters #6, #36 & #51.  For the next 3 days we will join the in all their activities {Skipping the dreaded Business Meetings}.




Dinner last night was pulled pork, Baked & Loaded Spuds, Salad & Cheesecake w/berries.  Our group is about 60 folks.

This was followed buy a 3 man group that was very entertaining.





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