The route from Elkhart to Noblesville Indiana

There is a new website that is gaining popularity with folks in the RV industry and their customers.  It’s kind of like a ‘Facebook’ for campers and you should give gander at  I have belonged for about 6 weeks and can report -0- SPAM and it is at no cost.

We stayed at the Elkhart Fairground for 7 days after the Escapade for some R&R and to await mail.  We joined the Tri-State Rally taking advantage of the any Escapee can attend any event policy of The Escapees.

Why are theIMG_3039se folks smiling?  They just finished a pot luck supper and are awaiting a local trio to give a great performance, enjoyed by all.


We spent Wednesday at the huge flea market/farmer’s Market in Shipshewana.  We walked our feet of, having a late lunch at their restaurant where Anne-Marie really enjoyed an old favorite ‘Ham Meatloaf’  This was one of her specialties when we did a bunch of fraternal cooking, the folks always enjoyed it.

The previous owner of our rig had the sofa removed and a very functional desk built in, it gives us a very useful floor plan.  They installed 2 residential overstuffed recliners.  These are too big and have to go.

This area of Indiana is home to a large community of Amish Farmers and skilled cabinet makers as witnessed by the horse & buggies parked at the RV manufacturing plants. We looked in 3 furniture showrooms in the area, the quality was outstanding to say the least.

The 3rd place the owner quickly suggested the we visit Lambright Comfort Chairs which we did.  This is the place you need if looking for RV furniture ofOur New Chairs very high quality.  They make items for Newmar and Tiffin, high end motor-homes to say the least.  We ordered 2 of the chairs shown below, we will pick them up on our way back to Elkhart for the Fleetwood/F.M.C.A. rally.

We are now in Nobelsville, IN about 120 miles south.  We are camping with Charlie & Sue Schaffer as they have strong family ties here.

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