Pouring Rain Here, time to tell you what we’ve been doing. 2014



We’ve been camped at Riverbend campground in Noblesville, IN next to our friends Sue & Charlie Schaffer.  Charlie is quite the fisherman, he enjoys the river hear and it is near his family & friends.  One favorite stop is the local Farmer’s Market held each Saturday morning.  From Honey to Homemade baked good, they have it all.

Anne-Marie had her annual Memorial Paint Job doneImage




  • We’ve been catching up with more minor repairs and some upgrades.  I spent about a week playing with my reluctant windshield wipers.  I broke down and bought a new motor that I sourced out of Oregon for $150.  I destroyed an el-cheapo bearing puller trying to remove 1 of the 2 wipers, Autozone supplied me with a $14 tool that removed it in 1 minute with much less cussing.


My apprentice is shown here making ready to smite it a mighty blow with her B.F.H..  We have the motor removed, now waiting for U.P.S. to do it’s share of the job.Image

Bethal Lutheran Church her has a band complete with a choral group to help celebrate the 11:00 service.  Drums in church do seem to add a nice touch.

Note the small pup tent left of center in this picture.  It seems that the camper in it was smoking too many left handed cigarettes to ignore.  The local constabulary came out with 3 cars an about mid day.  They pulled one right up to the tent and serenaded him with full volume on the sirens and air horn.  Details as reported on 11:00 news after our regular programing!





One thought on “Pouring Rain Here, time to tell you what we’ve been doing. 2014

  1. Charlie & Dawn says:

    Still hanging out on Mingus Mt. 7600 ft. It was 100 degrees in Cottonwood and about 80 degrees up here. The hammock is strung out between the trees and life is good. Been here 13 days and it looks like the Tracker won’t be done for another 14 ( just an estimate ). But all is well and the view is great.
    Miss you two and the Schaffers and hope to catch up with you eventually.
    See ya
    Charlie & Dawn

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