Back to Elkhart area Tomorrow

After 2 weeks with our friends Charlie & Sue Schaffer in Noblesville, IN. we are hitching up to return to Elkhart for a rallImagey cosponsored by Fleetwood Mfg. and the Family Motorcoach Association.  We have had a good time here, more than our share of rain as Charlie can attest while checking the river level.  It is only about 6″ below flooding our rigs, I keep the key in the ignition!



Not all fun, changing the wiper motor was one of those jobs that can be done about 5 ways, It took me 3 shots to get it right. 


Note that the assembly is much bigger than the Access Hole.


The fellows back in town were busy with their weekly car show, I found this hippy babe sitting in a ’63 VW Camper.

ImageOur built in Microwave did not meet the exacting standards set out by the cook, finding one that did gave me an excuse to juggle those 78 pound monsters.  She was a little slow with the camera, you missed me carrying across the room yelling, ‘Of Crap!’


Finally, there is the story of the 2 not so bright old fellows who rigged this furniture thru the 24″ wide door of our motorhome to make room for new stuff tomorrow in Elkhart.



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