GLAMA Rally 2014

 ImageWe left Noblesville with high anticipation of replacing our early card game funature {We had donated our good stuff}.  Custom Amish made lounge chairs at the home of Lambright Comfort Chair in Elkhart, In.  They are Amish, it isn’t really possible to call ahead.  Oh, they have a phone in a litle shed in front of the business which will hold you voice mail until the check it.  Not a great system.As our luck would have it our chairs were about 24 hours from completion.  We would return on Wednesday {as originally scheduled} to get them.


We were not to be disappointed!  The color match and their multifunction design fit right in with our lifestyle.  Lambright’s showroom (below) has a nice selection of their product.  Their nitch market is upscale RV community, they ship to Tiffen and Newmar almost daily.


Back at the Fairground, we had no sooner gotten parked but the sky opened up again.  A good evening to stay in and enjoy comfort food that Anne-Marie had prepared.

The next 3 day will be very busy according to the schedule, we will than have a 1,000 mile hard run to make Grand Daughter’s HS Graduation.

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