Road To Connecticut 2014


Closing thoughts on GLAMA/Fleetwood Rally.  It was well done; 545 rigs, very few issues getting in and out of a very wet field.

About 100 vendors, one of the custom shops brought this wonderful 21′ 1974 Winny modified with 2 slides, re-powered and 1st class interior and paint.


The entertainment (3 Nights) was well done.  The shows on night number 2 & 3 pales in comparison to the concert presented by The New Odyssey.  Hard to believe that 3 guys with 30 instruments can supply 90 minutes of such energy packed entertainment.






Food, We Had Food!  The most spectacular was the roast pig enjoyed by all with the possible exception of the ‘Guest of Honor’  All the food presented was fresh & hot.IMG_3103

Thanks to the Fleetwood factory techs who spent about 2 hours on our rig doing minor repairs and explaining several maintenance procedures to me.



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