Boondocking in Bristol, CT 2014



We arrived in Bristol after 2 long uneventful road days.  Happy with the coach, it’s doing 7mpg.  This appears to be a result of our relativity low weight <30,000 pounds and the old syle 5.9 Cummings Diesel.  We are shown here where we Boon-docked at St. Andrews Church in Bristol, CT.

Big Thanks to Ursala & Richard Kaminski who hosted us, giving laundry and shower facilities.  We went to dinner at George’s in Unionville, CT.

I lost my computer for a few days, my former co-worker Ray Konopka was kind enough to scrub the harddrive and restore it’s youth.  Works great Ray!  If you need IT work in Northern CT or Western Mass.  You should get him on board.  Contact me for referral.

WeDSCN0311 moved to Rick & Connie Knowles’ property on Saturday, here we are shown parked next to their Garage/Barn.  Nice to have electricity!

We attended Anne-Marie’s 50 year H.S. Reunion.  It was held at the Marriott in Windsor and was great fun.  Don’t ask about the fish ;-(

Lot’s of old folks there Anne-Marie1964I’m thinking my Gal aged better than most.IMG_3134

One thought on “Boondocking in Bristol, CT 2014

  1. Charlie & Dawn says:

    Leaving Dodge City today,Eastbound.After being in AZ for months we have had some rain each day and today green grass. Paddy and Yuma rolled around for at least 5 minutes.
    Miss ya.
    Charlie & Dawn

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