The Nutmeg State 2014



If you see this fellow in your travels, you are in the North West Corner of Connecticut.  Some times referred to as ‘The Quiet Corner’  Never quiet during March when the UCONN Boys and Girls teach the other states how to play round ball.

We’ve settled several of our schedule issues after consulting Anne-Marie’s Ophthalmologist here in Connecticut.  They have scheduled cataract removal on both of her eyes. To accommodate our schedule, he is compressing the schedules required for 2 surgery’s as much as possible.  We will be staying in the general area until August 23rd which is her final release date..

We will being attending 2 of the upcoming National Camping Travelers Events;

The National Rally in Center Hall Pennsylvania on July 19-25th.

Vermont Rally on Aug. 15-17th.

Congratulations are due to our Granddaughter Amelia who graduated last week from Portland, CT.  Her reward for all the hard work she has done for the last 4 years is acceptance in Worcester Polytechnic Institute where she will study engineering.  Did you notice that she is a stunning, statuesque blond also?


About 3 weeks ago she helped her Dad R&R the engine is Herbie, one of her daily drivers.


We are presently at Travelers Woods where we celebrated the 30th anniversary of this small campground on Rt I91 on the MA & VT border.  We bought our ‘share’ about 25 years ago and are very proud of the campground’s growth and achievements.




Remember to drive carefully and don’t text while behind the wheel!


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