2 Weeks at Traveler’s Woods, Bernardston, MA 2014

It doesn’t get much better than a couple of weeks at ‘Our’ campground in Bernardston, MA. Started 30 years ago by a group of far sighted and hardworking Freemasons, we were able to join a few years later. Being members, we are able to camp at ½ price as long as we want. The weather has been wonderful, 80° mid-day temperatures’ are balanced with very nice 60° sleeping temperatures at night.

Yes, there were work projects, some completed and some planned.

I ordered 3 new canvas insert for our toppers. The toppers are the awnings that affixed to the 3 sliding rooms, protecting them somewhat from the weather and cutting down on the sun load to help the A/C. Ours are disreputable having survived 10 years in Yuma sun and wind. When they arrive {Amazon} my next task will be to enlist some fellows to help install them.

Thanks to Richard and Ursula Kaminsky for the donation of a step ladder to add to my ‘bag-o-tricks’. Anne-Marie caught me here while removing our screen door for re-screening. The project was made interesting by the use of heat treated 400 series Stainless Steel sheet metal screw that had seized tight. I had to cut the heads off and replace them, an all day job. OK my work day is shorter than some!





We mysteriously lost the 12v control voltage to our refrigerator. To the uninitiated, we must have 12v to run the fridge on gas or 110v. To keep the beer cold, I jumped a line to it a few weeks ago. This week I spend another workday tracing the wiring. Not a very satisfying task as I found no broken wire. One of the several connections I cleaned must have been dirty.

Next Friday we will travel to Centre Hall, PA to join in at the National Camping Travelers annual national rally. This is a small camping club requiring Masonic membership to join, we are 30 year members.

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