Old Friends are your best friends, they know where you’re going and where you have been. ‘Harry Chapin’

Anne-Marie was The Worthy Grand Matron of the Order of The Eastern Star in a 1996. During her 7 year travels in the 8 Northeast States and Provinces she had close relationships with their presiding Grand Officers. One special lady was Debbie Litchfield from Vermont whose state teamed up with Anne-Marie to meet minimum attendees allowing us to sponsor our Caribbean Cruise. Debbie’s husband Al, left us to travel to the country not made with humane hands several years ago. She now travels with Joe Plummer who seems to be fighting retirement. We had lunch at The Marina, a great waterfront bistro that we had never been to before.


How true is this? Our life on the road allows us to visit just about anyone (or not!), it often very sad when we have to leave knowing that if we are allowed another visit it could be years away.


Going back and forth to various social events and Doctors’ appointments has gotten tiresome at 150 miles per trip. The good news is Anne-Maries Doctor has authorized her to go ahead with cataract replacements.



Out trip on Tuesday was enhanced by a stop at Arnolds Meat Market in Chicopee, MA. Their selection and quality has got to be tried. Last night I grilled Delmonico’s that were just wonderful.

We are getting ‘Hitch-up fever’ here. Torrential rains in the last 5 days or so have moved the river up. There is standing water scattered about the campground which indicated that the ground won’t take any more.

Our River which you can walk across in shorts is about 2′ below flood our Rally Field. That happened about 10 years ago when the owner upstream abandoned his dam. Dozens of destroyed campers and the Army Corps of Engineers would not let us replaced our 50 year old concrete bridge as it was not permitted.



Well, it’s about time we left New England for our 2 week ‘Vacation’ in Pennsylvania at the NCT Annual Rally, we will return hopefully to Rick & Connie’s home where we will commute from during Anne-Marie’s surgery.






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