NCT National Rally 2014

The National Camping Travelers is a relatively small camping club that we have belonged to for about 30 years. Membership is limited to Master Masons and their families. Their Annual Rally was held at the Grange Encampment in Centre Hall, PA this year. We always enjoy visiting this facility as it in in central Pennsylvania’s farm country. We were amongst about 6 Connecticut couples that made the trip, we traveled with Vinnie & Pat Kalinauskas during the 300 mile drive.

The red ribbon on the front of our rig is notification to our youth group that we have paid ‘insurance’ to protect us from being ‘decorated’ with toilet paper. The victim next to us was a National Officer who is unable to protect himself with this insurance coverage.

This is embarrassing; while waiting for our entertainment this brother approached me and commented that he followed out blog. Well, we have thousands hundreds ok, dozens of readers and I cannot be expected to remember all of you unless you comment now telling us how we are doing.

Our entertainment on this evening was provided by The Avalon String Band, one of 17 Mummer’s bands that march in Philadelphia each Thanksgiving. Read their web page to get more information, these band have an interesting history and are very active. The re costume themselves each year with new themes.





While the band played, one of the “Street Dancers would come out and entertain with his very energetic & showy


No Trip to Pennsylvania is complete without a stop at Ollies Bargin Outlet where Everything is Never on Sale. Of course that is my humble opinion and does not convey the true opinion of management.

We returned to Suffield on Friday, not a good choice of travel days. We had the option of staying 1 more night (About $15) and we would have missed the 3 hour Danbury to Hartford parking lot. Note to out of state readers, this is 70 miles in 3 hours!

Anne-Marie’s cataract surgery will start on Thursday, the 31st. Second eye will be on the 8th of August after which we will wait for 6 weeks. Stay Tuned…









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