Mexican Connection Progress 2014

It’s mid-summer in Connecticut and we are wearing long pants and an extra blanket at night. Average high is 82° with the last 10 year average being 84°. The monkey wrench is that the last 5 years we have been much warmer.

You may remember that last week I started to replace our 3 Toppers. On the left you can tell that we certainly got our money’s worth out of the 10 year old ones. Removing the old covers required struggling with more seized sheet metal screws (See post last month when I had to cut off the screws holding our storm door on). There are several good U-tube videos that demonstrate the process. You must deal with winding up the very stout torsion spring, not for the faint of heart.

This is the smallest of the 3, I’ll have a few weeks to tackle the 2 large ones while we await Anne-Maries doctors approval.

This is a picture of the impact driver I bought at $30 {Amazon smile) it is a very desirable tool needing only a 5# hammer and a devoted arm.


After engaging the screw bit you smack the tool a mighty blow; this drives the bit into the screw (eliminating it from camming out) and also nudges the screw counterclockwise. Most of my screws required 6 ‘treatments before giving up their grasp. Very sweet!



Thoughts and prayers go out our Son in Law Wayne shown her at an Amaranth sponsored picnic last week. Jim Ratcliffe in in the background. You may note that Wayne’s shirt seems a bit loose, it is! He is shrinking which is a very good thing.


The only Rock Star in the family, Michael Maier working a gig in ‘Frisco I believe.


More to follow…

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