Birthday Girl 2014

We traveled to Traveler’s Wood to celebrate Anne-Marie’s Birthday. We went to Pete’s Seafood on Friday evening, one of her favorite places in Greenfield, MA. Just like Aunt Carries at point Judith, RI.; Stand in line to order, eat at a picnic table, serve yourself when your name is called.

We enjoyed that meal so much that when Grace, Wayne & Kayla Rettburg came to visit on Saturday, we went back and had ‘All U Can Eat’ clam strips and fried haddock. This was followed up by a stop at one of our favorite ice cream stops, the escalated to Top Favorite at they had 550 discount to deplete their stock on this, the last day of their season.

This weekend is the running of ‘The Big Go’, the US Nationals, premier event in the Fuel Drag Racing World. I will get some seat time in front of this event. Below is a shot of a very famous match race during it’s heyday during the 60’s. Looks like S.W. & Cookie have Big John covered. Note that there are no guard rails protecting the spectators. Yes, sometimes bad things happened.



Like most fellows, I hate to shop for clothes. Well is seems my sport coat shank from no use this summer. We hunted about 4 hours today for a new one.

Tomorrow, we move to Bristol, CT.

Happy Labor Day 2014

We lived in Connecticut for 65 years, I do not remember any summer with weather like we have had. Temperatures in the 80’s with low humidity have been the norm here. We have been busy attending a few rally’s in Vermont, tending to legal & medical stuff and visiting with our close friends and Masonic Family here.

Our Basset Hounds are summed up with this picture.

Contrary to common belief, they are not lazy, they take an early retirement and commit themselves to a leisurely lifestyle.

Bassets are also marvelous ‘chick magnets’, take one for a walk. Let him flop his ears for a lady, she will love him!












From Left to Right we have Debbie Litchfield (VT), Roberta Hall (Ont) and Anne-Marie (CT). They are part of a group nicknamed The Different Drummers when they were Grand Worthy Matrons of their respective Grand Chapters of O.E.S. in 1996.

We will spend Labor Day at Traveler’s Woods in Bernadston, MA. We’ve been shareholders here for about 30 years and always enjoy the shared comradery and fellowship.










Our Son-in-law Wayne will be having a medical procedure on the Tuesday after Labor Day, we will stay here to support him as best we can. During the rest of September we will meander thru the center of the country, our destination is the Balloon Fiesta in New Mexico.

We expect to be at Pima County Fairground in Tucson to start a pre-run of our planned Rally to Kino Bay. We would welcome any one who would like to join us to contact us to make plans.

New Computer Here, testing software 2014


Debbie Litchfield was my wife’s counterpart from Vermont when they were ‘Worthy Grand Matrons’ in 1996. I caught her during a mellow moment while we were attending a get-together of the New England O.E.S. family.

On our return to the Knowles Ranch in Suffield, CT a new Dell computer was waiting for me. I returned a D.O.A. Toshiba that we purchased from Amazon. Do you use Amazon Smile? If not, I urge you to check it out. Smile program makes donations to your favorite charity with each purchase. No cost to you!

Back to Connecticut and return to Vermont, 2014

You may remember we spend a rather relaxing weekend enjoying the brisk weather in central Vermont. I posted a ppicture at that time of the crowded rally field. In the photo below you will notice we are the last ones to leave (The rigs on left are in storage). We had a bad time getting out, we were sent out a ‘fire road’ that was too small for our rig. ¼ mile into it we knew this was trouble, we could not back out as we were towing a car. WE forged ahead suffering some light scratches on the lower sides of our rig and a I did destroy a 22 ½ rear S.S. wheel simulator, I’m searching on Craig’s List and E-Bay. While Im searching I also need a 44L tuxedo, I want to store it in Connecticut for future use.

When we returned to ”Knowles Ranch’ we had a busy few days; On Monday Anne-Marie got final clearance from Dr. Castner. She is 20/20 in both eyes! My eye exam showed no deterioration and only a slight change in my prescription. On Tuesday, I had Tooth #15 (a second molar) extracted. This was a good thing as we had done 3 root canals it only to find that it is cracked.

Tuesday Evening we go a phone call from O.E.S. friends from Ontario, CA, they are coming down for a group meeting in Randal, VT. We are going up to party with them a as long as we have enough body parts to do it.

We presently plan to stay at “Knowles’s Ranch” until September 3rd, Wayne is due for an ablation on the 2nd, and we want to be here for support.

Do you cry or laugh at this memorial? My sadness is quickly overtaken by the child’s joy and being released for the restraints that this life has burdened him with.


Pete & Anne-Marie



Vermont 2014

We traveled to Springfield, VT with our N.C.T friends for a district Rally. Ours is a small group. This rally takes in a district of 3 states. We stayed at The Tree Farm Campground. True it name we were surrounded by 80′ tall pines, no satellite this weekend! Note in this picture, it is jacket and/or sweatshirt time in Vermont. Mid-day in the upper 70’s, 50° at night.


The satellite dish is up on our coach for show, with our Jack Antenna I was able to hit 12 stations, fooling a few folks that I was on the Direct TV satellite.

I do have to report a significant short coming of our new Direct TV system. Unlike DISH TV we are unable to watch prerecorded show when we cannot find the satellite. This will be a deal breaker when we renew the contract.




We return to Connecticut today (Sunday), Anne-Marie has a doctor’s appointment, we hope he will give her final release at that time. I’m have a molar extracted on Tuesday, it’s been troublesome for several years, it is cracked and must come out.

Wayne is scheduled to have a new type of Ablation Therapy next week, we are trying to stay in the area so we can support his family as best we can.


For my drag racing cohorts, I offer this picture of the Stone, Woods & Cook / Big John Mazmanian match up in A/GS cars. Old time? Note the crowd is not protected by and sort of barrier! Hundreds of cars similar to these toured the country in the 60’s. It was called Match Racing.

MasoniCare Visit 2014

On Wednesday, we joggled data with our financial advisor Martha Eddy, she has done a wonderful job handling our megar investment for 20 years or so.

Leaving Martha, we traveled down to Wallingford to update the data the MasoniCare has in our file. To date, 4 of our immediate family have been served by this wonderful caring facility.

We were deluged with rain, parts of Connecticut got 4 inches, which is a month’s ration in one day. I took no outdoor pictures, you can see them on the hyperlink above. I did take this photo of the notice of the activities the members have. Connecticut has very strict regulations with regards to financial disclosure as much as 5 years previous to going into a care facility. It is imperative that you plan ahead here.

RANT ON: What is wrong with the state of Connecticut in this picture? Old Newgate Prison, this refurbishment on the site has been going on for about 3 years. Opened in 1705, it a hole in the ground that has been used as a copper mine and a revolutionary war prison. Last time I was in it about 15 years ago with Grandson it had a walk in entrance and a spooky interior much to his joy.

I fear this is just another government boondoggle, fixing something that was not broke. I’m surprised that they didn’t sell it as they did the Frog Rock.


We will be back on the road soon, remember to thank The Lord for all of your blessings.

Vermont Bound 2014

We have been living without Wi-Fi for the last 2 months, this makes our Verizon bill seem like a payment on the national debt. Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, maybe you need a photo to get motivated.


We are very happy to report the Wayne Rettburg is out of the hospital, at home and resting (we hope!). His AFIB problem is not cured, the docs want him to rest and gain strength looking forward to another ablation, trying to correct the root cause.

We’ve been ‘Yard Guests’ of Connie & Rick Knowles for about 6 weeks. I’ve quoted before; ‘Old friends are the best friends, they know where you are going and where you have been. – Harry Chapin’.

While we were here, I did manage to replace our small topper. It was a learning experience, now I need to get another full sized fellow to help me change the 2 big toppers.

The Brothers of 3 local Masonic Lodges got together and hosted a wonderful picnic at Sunrise Park in Suffield. A great time which was interrupted by a phone call to regroup at Saint Francis to be with Wayne during a critical time. We were relieved to find him virtually recovered from a mini-stroke.

Anne-Marie’s bilateral cataract surgery went smoothly. They replaced her lenses with corrective lens that gave her 20-25 vision for the 1st time in 30+ years. She is very pleased. Me? On the 3rd trip in to fix a troublesome molar, it was found to be cracked. We are having a ‘coming out party’ for it next Tuesday.

If you know what these eyes are, you are really old!