The Eye’s Have it! 2014

Why is this pirate lady smiling? 2 hours ago she had 100% successful cataract surgery which gave her the blue ‘bug eye’ patch.

The smile? Well, you may remember from her back surgery last spring, she does not due well with pain killers. The low dose they used during her surgery brought her to a place usually visited only in New Orleans at Mardi Gras. She was incapacitated for about 24 hours, is fine now!

Thank-you to Dr. Castner at Primary Eye Care and all the staff for the wonderful care and thoughtful follow-up they gave us.


I spent about 5 years working as the Quality Manager at Avanti Screw in Bristol Connecticut. We manufactured specialty screws for commercial purposes. The strangest screw we made had a 10-32 thread over a #10 wood screw. Why? It was used to secure metal door frames to the wooden framing in a building. I was recently sent this sketch for some other design proposals.


Next Thursday Anne-Marie will have surgery on her right eye, we will make a short trip to Vermont to visit friends.

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