MasoniCare Visit 2014

On Wednesday, we joggled data with our financial advisor Martha Eddy, she has done a wonderful job handling our megar investment for 20 years or so.

Leaving Martha, we traveled down to Wallingford to update the data the MasoniCare has in our file. To date, 4 of our immediate family have been served by this wonderful caring facility.

We were deluged with rain, parts of Connecticut got 4 inches, which is a month’s ration in one day. I took no outdoor pictures, you can see them on the hyperlink above. I did take this photo of the notice of the activities the members have. Connecticut has very strict regulations with regards to financial disclosure as much as 5 years previous to going into a care facility. It is imperative that you plan ahead here.

RANT ON: What is wrong with the state of Connecticut in this picture? Old Newgate Prison, this refurbishment on the site has been going on for about 3 years. Opened in 1705, it a hole in the ground that has been used as a copper mine and a revolutionary war prison. Last time I was in it about 15 years ago with Grandson it had a walk in entrance and a spooky interior much to his joy.

I fear this is just another government boondoggle, fixing something that was not broke. I’m surprised that they didn’t sell it as they did the Frog Rock.


We will be back on the road soon, remember to thank The Lord for all of your blessings.

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