Vermont Bound 2014

We have been living without Wi-Fi for the last 2 months, this makes our Verizon bill seem like a payment on the national debt. Do you have trouble getting out of bed in the morning, maybe you need a photo to get motivated.


We are very happy to report the Wayne Rettburg is out of the hospital, at home and resting (we hope!). His AFIB problem is not cured, the docs want him to rest and gain strength looking forward to another ablation, trying to correct the root cause.

We’ve been ‘Yard Guests’ of Connie & Rick Knowles for about 6 weeks. I’ve quoted before; ‘Old friends are the best friends, they know where you are going and where you have been. – Harry Chapin’.

While we were here, I did manage to replace our small topper. It was a learning experience, now I need to get another full sized fellow to help me change the 2 big toppers.

The Brothers of 3 local Masonic Lodges got together and hosted a wonderful picnic at Sunrise Park in Suffield. A great time which was interrupted by a phone call to regroup at Saint Francis to be with Wayne during a critical time. We were relieved to find him virtually recovered from a mini-stroke.

Anne-Marie’s bilateral cataract surgery went smoothly. They replaced her lenses with corrective lens that gave her 20-25 vision for the 1st time in 30+ years. She is very pleased. Me? On the 3rd trip in to fix a troublesome molar, it was found to be cracked. We are having a ‘coming out party’ for it next Tuesday.

If you know what these eyes are, you are really old!




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