Vermont 2014

We traveled to Springfield, VT with our N.C.T friends for a district Rally. Ours is a small group. This rally takes in a district of 3 states. We stayed at The Tree Farm Campground. True it name we were surrounded by 80′ tall pines, no satellite this weekend! Note in this picture, it is jacket and/or sweatshirt time in Vermont. Mid-day in the upper 70’s, 50° at night.


The satellite dish is up on our coach for show, with our Jack Antenna I was able to hit 12 stations, fooling a few folks that I was on the Direct TV satellite.

I do have to report a significant short coming of our new Direct TV system. Unlike DISH TV we are unable to watch prerecorded show when we cannot find the satellite. This will be a deal breaker when we renew the contract.




We return to Connecticut today (Sunday), Anne-Marie has a doctor’s appointment, we hope he will give her final release at that time. I’m have a molar extracted on Tuesday, it’s been troublesome for several years, it is cracked and must come out.

Wayne is scheduled to have a new type of Ablation Therapy next week, we are trying to stay in the area so we can support his family as best we can.


For my drag racing cohorts, I offer this picture of the Stone, Woods & Cook / Big John Mazmanian match up in A/GS cars. Old time? Note the crowd is not protected by and sort of barrier! Hundreds of cars similar to these toured the country in the 60’s. It was called Match Racing.

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