Back to Connecticut and return to Vermont, 2014

You may remember we spend a rather relaxing weekend enjoying the brisk weather in central Vermont. I posted a ppicture at that time of the crowded rally field. In the photo below you will notice we are the last ones to leave (The rigs on left are in storage). We had a bad time getting out, we were sent out a ‘fire road’ that was too small for our rig. ¼ mile into it we knew this was trouble, we could not back out as we were towing a car. WE forged ahead suffering some light scratches on the lower sides of our rig and a I did destroy a 22 ½ rear S.S. wheel simulator, I’m searching on Craig’s List and E-Bay. While Im searching I also need a 44L tuxedo, I want to store it in Connecticut for future use.

When we returned to ”Knowles Ranch’ we had a busy few days; On Monday Anne-Marie got final clearance from Dr. Castner. She is 20/20 in both eyes! My eye exam showed no deterioration and only a slight change in my prescription. On Tuesday, I had Tooth #15 (a second molar) extracted. This was a good thing as we had done 3 root canals it only to find that it is cracked.

Tuesday Evening we go a phone call from O.E.S. friends from Ontario, CA, they are coming down for a group meeting in Randal, VT. We are going up to party with them a as long as we have enough body parts to do it.

We presently plan to stay at “Knowles’s Ranch” until September 3rd, Wayne is due for an ablation on the 2nd, and we want to be here for support.

Do you cry or laugh at this memorial? My sadness is quickly overtaken by the child’s joy and being released for the restraints that this life has burdened him with.


Pete & Anne-Marie



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