Birthday Girl 2014

We traveled to Traveler’s Wood to celebrate Anne-Marie’s Birthday. We went to Pete’s Seafood on Friday evening, one of her favorite places in Greenfield, MA. Just like Aunt Carries at point Judith, RI.; Stand in line to order, eat at a picnic table, serve yourself when your name is called.

We enjoyed that meal so much that when Grace, Wayne & Kayla Rettburg came to visit on Saturday, we went back and had ‘All U Can Eat’ clam strips and fried haddock. This was followed up by a stop at one of our favorite ice cream stops, the escalated to Top Favorite at they had 550 discount to deplete their stock on this, the last day of their season.

This weekend is the running of ‘The Big Go’, the US Nationals, premier event in the Fuel Drag Racing World. I will get some seat time in front of this event. Below is a shot of a very famous match race during it’s heyday during the 60’s. Looks like S.W. & Cookie have Big John covered. Note that there are no guard rails protecting the spectators. Yes, sometimes bad things happened.



Like most fellows, I hate to shop for clothes. Well is seems my sport coat shank from no use this summer. We hunted about 4 hours today for a new one.

Tomorrow, we move to Bristol, CT.

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