More Wayne Stuff 2014

Wayne has had ablation therapy several times in the last year with positive results that are short lived to say the least. On Tuesday morning, he was scheduled for another procedure that can best be said to be similar but different. We waited 12 hours (that’s how long he was on the table!), the first reports are that they have been successful in retuning his hear to rythym.

On Sunday we tripped to wonderful tax free New Hampshire where we purchased some much needed items as well as 2 large bottles of Benchmark Bourbon for the super low price of $14.99/ each.

We have started to receive reservations for ‘our’ Kino Bay Rally, thanks to the folks who reserve early and make donations to the Children’s Charity’s we support.

Our friend Connie Knowles (1/2 owner of Knowles’ Ranch in Suffield) is on a mission trip to Mexico. This is her 1st, I’m sure she will be back.


Not sure why I had to post this twice?

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