Verizon Rant 2014

Remember those commercials for Verizon that showed a mob of about a bazzilion technical folks backing the customer up in the event that they had trouble with their equipment?

Let’s bury that idea right her in Terre Haute, Indiana, right now!

We’ve been Verizon customers since my 1st bag phone bought in East Windsor, CT in the 90’s. Our multi-phone and date use cost approaches $200/month. One of our larger expenses, we need it. Maybe?

Our 3 year old ‘hot spot’ died 2 months ago. I was ‘lucky’, we were near our store.

According to the Verizon store in beautiful Terre Haute when our new unit went belly up. A reboot nets about 1 minute of usage, it’s FUBAR. {Fouled Up Beyond All Repair} They cannot replace it, they will not sell me a new one, allowing me to ship the dead one back for reimbursement. They did give me dumb looks which of course are free.

A logical route would be to sue in small claims court to get out of the contact(s). That’s not an option to vagabonds like us.

Verizon is like to old ATT in that they seem to have a strangle hold on the market of coast to coast wide coverage.

I’m not sure when I will post this, we will use a McDonalds or public library as possible.

We camped at Camp Walmart last evening. It was quiet, we ate the large Rib Eye that we bought 2 days ago at Zerns. It was wonderful!

Late update. I contacted Ron at East Windsor Verizon, he was not impressed with the service I received. He gave me a secret phone number for The Grand Lodge of Verizon. Real quiock action, they are Fed Exing me a new widget. Thank Ron if you are a customer there. Thank McDonalds if you are reading this.

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