Branson, MO last week 2014

I had some wonderful news this morning when I opened my mail. Dave and Janet Kincman have been friends for 40+ years. Dave and I were coworkers at the now defunct Chandler Evans in West Hartford, they were instrumental in us getting started camping. On Saturday evening, their son David received a successful Liver & Kidney transplant.

When visiting Branson, the thing to do is go to a few of the local shows. We went to 3, the first being Jonah. It was a huge product, about 100 cast members, about 20 farm animals, massive movable sets and special effects.

The next day we went to a Hits of the 60’s review. Live music (not common), they did snippets of about 200 songs. A good afternoon.

Last evening show was The Haygoods, we saved the best for last! This 6 member Ozark family has been in concert for 11 years. Using all the typical instruments, humor and stage effects, the were great. My favorite was when Catherine (the only sister) played the Hawaiian version of Over the Rainbow on a classical harp.

It was not all music. We went to the well-known & famous Lambert’s Diner where we feasted on great food and ‘Throwed Rolls’. This young fellow throw about 500 rolls per day. I had Southern Fried Chicken. Big? I thought it was a small turkey!


Next time, maybe I’ll tell you about flying lesson(s) I took while replacing one of my toppers. I should have read this!

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