Central Oklahoma 2014













Easy day yesterday, we followed our mantra of 200 miles or 2:00. This found us in a very pleasant little town of Weatherford, OK. Its main claim to fame is a major intersection of I-40 and RT# 66.

What first caught my eye was a billboard advertising the Hartland of America Museum. A long name for a space functional (think small) museum which has an amazing large amount of cast offs from the previous 8 generations. What could easily be a pile of junk was very well displayed in an organized manor by a group in volunteers who also served as tour guides.

One of the gentlemen was a self made expert in the local wind power. He offered a $35 tour but suggested I buy the $10 DVD which would answer all my questions. We bought it and will report later on it’s contents.



We have here a full size replica that was built on site, typical of very small restaurants that you might find on Route #66.


We stayed at a small campground in town, not much of a spot as its clientele are mostly oil rig workers, cowboys of the new age I guess. Here we are trying to call our parents, they didn’t answer!

After I wrote this we hit the road, no I-net so I couldn’t post it. We are traveling about 200 miles to Amarillo, Texas. I have my eyes on one of those 72 ounce Sirloin Steaks they give you FREE if you eat it.

The 1st exit after you cross the I-40 Texas border is the tiny town of Britten, can figure out what their main attraction is?

You are right if you guessed waiting for the water tower to fall!

Now, too see about that steak….





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