Next Springs Trip to Kino Bay 2014

Greeting from your Wagon Master Team,


We hope you summer went as well as ours. We spent most of it in Connecticut where Anne-Marie had successful bi-lateral cataract surgery. Though she wasn’t ‘out of service for more than a few days, the drill was that she had to wait 6 weeks for the Doctor’s release.

Our son-in-law had very serious heart issues with arterial fibrillation. This disease causes you heart to beat very fast causing weakness, strokes and sudden death. The treatment is to go in and ‘short circuit’ some of the nerves. We are happy to say that after 3 long procedures, he seems to be on the road to much better health.

We took side trips to Vermont and Pennsylvania where we attended rallies with our Masonic friends in the National Camping Travelers Club. We enjoyed our times with our New England friends, wishing them happy snow shoveling when we departed on September 1st.

I am writing this from Amarillo, Texas as we travel to The Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta where we will be with The Boondockers, hoping to work on a crew as we did last year.

Rally reservations are coming in, each one of them reminds us of our obligation to you, the members of Chapter #8.

It is important to thank all of the Wagon Masters that have gone before us, The Billers specifically for their input and notes from their rally. Thanks for The Schaffers, The Boles and The Waites for pre-running last spring while we ran to Texas for Anne-Maries date with Dr. SawBones. Remember, we are a volunteer group. Our Officers serve at you pleasure. We need your input and we need you to step up and volunteer for some of the workload as you skill and ability allow.

We are going to pre-run the rally to Kino Bay soon after the Balloon Fiesta. Our schedule {cast in jello!} is to start at Pima County fairground on October 18th. We will spend as much time as necessary to set our itinerary so as to maximize your rally experience.

We would invite you to follow our blog as we continue to wander and experience our country. You can find us at:


. .

Team Arnold:

Leading the Way,

To Kino Bay.


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