Finally, on the road to Balloon Park! 2014

A big thanks to Connie Knowles for posting this to her FB account. In doing so she reminded us of one of our weaknesses of mind. Understand, we live in a 38′ motorhome with about 440Sq. Ft. of living area. How is it I can never find my phone? Keys? Camera?

One of our roof vent covers blew off in Santa Fe rush hour traffic and smashed to pieces. Old and brittle from the sun, I’m ordering 2 new assemblies from Amazon and will install as possible.

We been parked in Tijers, NM, about 15 miles from the balloon field.. We have with several Boomer & Adventure Caravan friends. The Mexican food is so good here, we have been out several times, more to come.



Flashback: My parents got a new dishwasher (a novelty in the 50’s), I got the big box to play in. That was one of the coolest toys ever! Now we have a motorhome, same enjoyment!

Thursday we will be involved with ‘crew training’ followed by 4:00pm Happy Hours. We will be dry camping, I’m not sure of i-net service.











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