Our Funny Flying Frog 2014

We arrive at the RV parking area where we quickly settled in with our friends The Boomers. A laid back group as shown by the fact we have no dues and happy hour starts at 4:00pm. Reason? Because we can and we do not working folks to get out of work early.

Note below that while Judy lectures us on the fine art of balloon flying, most of us have glasses in our hands, we have not attacked the food on the left, we will soon!

This is the view out of our front window. The motor homes in the distance are about ¼ mile away. The 100+ acre field will be the landing area for many balloons in the next 10 days. Last year we did not see landings here as we were always offsite landing ‘Our’ Balloon.

Here he is in all his glory, our first look at The Frog. He is brand new. Made in Brazil by a company who has building these balloons for several years on speculation. They bring about 10 up every year and fly them around the country, selling as possible. Poor quality of this picture is due to the fact I copied off of a brochure.

We have signed on to a crew of about 12 to fly this big fellow. That assures us a much more reasonable work task than last year. The downside is we will most assuredly not be asked to fly ;-(

1st flight will be tomorrow, stay tuned!



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