Balloon Fiesta News 2014

Today is Saturday, the first actual flight day of Fiesta. Sadly we were notified last night that our FROG Balloon was held up in border customs and would not fly today. We elected to stay at the camping area (sleeping in) which allowed us to see the event from a different perspective. When I finally got out I was greeted with the first wave as the wind brought them right over our field! In no time I was out there helping an un-crewed balloon.

The low building central to the picture is the Balloon Museum, The launch field is ¼ mile in back of it. There was very little wind near the ground, everything moved in slow motion. Note the balloon & crew vehicle on the right, they are in for a surprise.


Not too uncommon for 2 balloons to come together at a big landing field like this. No harm done (usually) as there is no weight involved and it happens in ‘slow motion’. There are a bunch more photos and information on the Fiesta at their site.

Late Breaking news: We have just been notified that our FROG will not be here. We’ve been asked to help the crew of Orca, a balloon so new that we have only an artist’s rendering at this time.



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