Tim’s Place 2014

Know you need a feel good moment or you wouldn’t have opened this blog. This one is guaranteed to work; go to Tim’s Place and read about Tim. This restaurant is HIS creation and execution. If this isn’t good enough for you, you should stop reading this blog, you are in the wrong place!

Yes, Tim has Down ‘s syndrome and he is a successful business man. This is the best quick shot I could get of Anne-Marie getting her hug!

Before all the breakfast fun above, we had our 5:00am wakeup and trudged over to site W-1 on the Balloon Field. Information: Field is laid out in a grid with A-1 at the start. W-3 is at the very far end, about ¾ of a mile. It was crowded with balloonist and spectators. When there was no action by 6:30, it was clear that the winds at 500 ft. were dangerous. The officals allowed those who so desired to inflate and not launch.

Soon the ground was a mayhem of huge balloons and folks walking around looking at the sky. This is dangerous, we are tending ropes that require 4 men to secure them, when the breeze changes bad thing can happen.

Above Anne-Marie and I are pulling the Crown Line, there are several folks behind us. Our ORCA balloon is huge, requiring a crew of 12 to inflate. Look below, these 2 men are inside, they have found a tear in the fabric which will be repaired before we fly.

In the end, we did get to inflate her for the crowd’s enjoyment.

What are these folks doing? I’ll tell you in the next blog from Balloon Fiesta.

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