Orca Flies! 2014


I’m pleased to tell you that after a busy day launching 3 and chasing 1 balloon, the major event was when Orca went hot and flew for the 1st time.

This is a BIG balloon. It takes about 12 crew members to lay it out, hook it up and inflate it. The photo above was taken by a Masonic Brother who asked me if he could help. He took a few shots handed me my camera, I was so busy I didn’t get his name sadly.

My attention next was directed to Dino & Egg which was shorthanded. I helped out there and then joined their chase crew. Exciting their English was about 10%, my Portuguese is 0%!

Meanwhile, back at the camper Anne-Marie got several excellent phots as the Balloons past overhead. Our friend Lynne Waite appears to be ready to be picked up.

It’s not all work. We ‘punched-out’ at 11:00am and joined Charlie & Sue Schaffer in a visit to Old Town Albuquerque, had a nice lunch, a concert on the green while the girls shopped for bargains. Got to careful of big spiders out here!


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