Crazy Day 2014

Today was a 5:30 wake-up, jump on the bus, go to the field and wait day. The field was under yellow flag (Pilot’s Discretion) due to wind. The Morning Patrol inflated, only 3 of the 6 elected to launch. At about 300′, they took off like jack rabbits, not a good thing. Too much wind aloft, the flag was under Red Flag for the next 2 hours.

We pretty much sat around, swearing, spitting and doing manly things.

Yesterday I asked you what the fellow was doing with the long gray tube. He had run around with it open on one end, tied it off securely and held it exposed to the bright sun on a cool morning. In short order the sun heated the air in the balloon. Last time I saw it,it was headed southat about 1,000′.


At about 9:00 the field went on Green Flag, most of the pilots elected to fly as they get paid appearance money or have contractual obligations. The owners of Orca elected to inflate and tether, which we helped them do.

This team made me to say hello to Dave & Janice Kinceman. I learned today that their son David is recovering from a kidney/Live transplant in Boston. We hope to see them in December when we visit for the holidays. If any of our readers have contacts that have rental condo’s, Furnished room or deep discounted motel rooms, please contact me at as we are in need.

Flying The Box in Albuquerque is done when the ground layer of wind is moving south and the upper level(s) and moving north. In Albuquerque this is not uncommon and is more pronounced than most locations. I’ve tried to demonstrate in the photo below. There Balloon lower (Larger) are moving right to left while the balloons at 2,000′ are moving left to right. It is possible theoretically to land where you launched from. This is not done as the field is closed while launching for obvious reasons.

I posted a video of this on FaceBook













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