Balloon Fiesta is winding down 2014

It’s Saturday morning, tomorrow good weather is forcast for our last Mass Ascension in the morning. After that there will be a mad rush for folks to jam up every road for 20 miles. We will stay here until Monday and have leisure time with our Boomers Friends.

Special thanks to AirFly Balloons, a Brazilian company that specializes in manufacturing the Special Shape balloons that we crewed for this year.

Here I am holding the ‘throat open on a huge Frog Balloon while the fan blows cool air into it. When the balloon is partially inflated, the pilot will go hot by engageing the burner (lower right) with short bursts to heat the balloon.

We didn’t fly this day, simply put the balloon up for a ‘Glow’ and brought it down. Total time was about 2 hours with about 10 crewmembers working. One the balloon was back in it’s bag, Charlie and I need a rest!

The Wells Fargo Stagecoach Balloon is one of the bigest and most complex shapes. This ‘Conga Line’ of about 30 volunteers is required to put the collapsed balloon back into it’s bag! The balloon is so valueable that they use a huge tarp to keep it off the ground. A balloon that is laid out on grass on a sunny day will absorb moisture, leading to dreaded mildew.

We bid on a very nice lot at the Escapee’s Park in Benson, AZ this morning….

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