Happy Birthday Kelly Mattesen 2014

Our daughter Kelley Mattesen is: Sister of Grace, Mother of Amelia, Wife of Greg and Owner of Scout. She is the Dental Hygienist to the Stars having worked for Somerset Dental since she was single.


Born 10/17/1968, she was declared legal size at 10 pound, 3 ounces!

Kelly’s older sister Grace talked her in getting into a laundry basket which was catapulted down a flight of stair when she was about 3. This stunt was repeated several times!

Kelly ran away from home when she was about 6. She returned shortly as she remembered that she was ‘grounded’ and could not cross the street.

At about 8, Kelly discovered she could buy a package of trading cards for $.25 and sell the 5 of them at school for 10 cents each.

At 16, she helped o’haul the engine in her ’69 Datsun Pick-up. She got the dirty work! I admonished her to never have passengers in the back, she never told me that she did. (Can you read between the lines?)

At about 22, Kelly invited us to dinner at her condo. She explained that she and Greg had to get married. Because {wait for it}, they had bought a house!

We are at Saguaro SKP Park in Benson, AZ, waiting for 2 other rigs that will join us in our trip to Kino Bay Mexico.

Stay safe, hug your Kids.

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