Last Topper is installed 2014

With a ‘little’ help from Greg (Apache RV in Wilcox, AZ) we finally installed our 3rs topper. I had done 2 of 3 earlier. The last one is about 20′ long and appeared to require removing the main awning. To remove the topper (on the right), you must slide it to the left. The main awning support must be removed to do that, it appears to be welded to the roof structure!

Greg’s cunning Apache heritage lead him to an easier trail. After discussing it with me, he spread the about 1/8 of an inch at point ‘X‘, this allowed us to R&R the topper in about 45 minutes! The photo above is after the replacement.+

You may note below that I am perched upon my new ladder. It is a big improvement in vertical mobility! Note that Greg is appropriately dressed to work in the Arizona sun. Hat, Sunglasses, long sleeves and pants will serve to protect you. Me? The sun has turned my hair gray!

Later that night we went to the club house for an ice cream and 2 hours of guitar strumming entertainment. This morning we went to a breakfast, about 50 folks attended these festive events.

More excitement to come…

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