Fixing Stuff 2014

Fixing Stuff is what I do when we are in Sagaro SKP in Benson, AZ. It may not seem too glamerous, it’s part of the trip. All RV’s need preventive maintainace as well as repairs to most of the systems. That work is simplified here at Sagaro as there is a large equipped workshop with every tool one could want. On Friday, I did emergancy repair on gas system. On Monday, I tackled the bracket failure(s) on our invertor. You may remember that on the way to Kino Bay we had a structural failue casing our invertor’s chincy brackets to fail. The invertor weighs about 75 pounds, I needed a bottle jack to leverage it up. I than fabricated brackets out of angle iron and doubled up on the attaching screws. Not a difficult job for me, 20 years ago.

We had a great tag sale event on Saturday. I made a very good deal on the Dahon folding bike. $500+ at retail, I paid this perfect example!

Tomorrow we are going to take a ‘side trip’ to Phoenix where we hope to have our fogged windows repaired. The fogging on my driver’s window is forcing this as the mirror is useless backing into the sun or at night.







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