We get a nice piece of Glass 2014

We continue to have a very difficult time with the software the I write our Blog with.  I am limited in that I must be ableDSCN0717 to write it off line and post when I have i-net.  M/S WORD worked fine, the last several weeks it has had formatting errors and has refused to post and lost some of them.

As you can see, my ‘new’ Dahon bicycle fits  with room to spare in one of our luggage compartments along with my brain bucket.

We left Benson, AZ on Wednesday and Boon docked in the secure parking lot of RV Glass in Phoenix, 176 miles.  We were scheduled to repair the fogged driver’s window(s) on our coach.  They are thermo-pane and become ‘fogged’ with age.  The fog is actually dust that seeps by a broken seal.  We had 4 repaired at a cost of almost $1,000.  The process is time consuming as the window assemblies are removed from coach, disassembled, cut apart with a hot knife, cleaned and resealed before being reinstalled.  It took 2 men 6 hours, they look great!  The window on the work table is the 3 piece drivers window.


We are going to have the Driver’s Windshield repaired as it’s cracked.  Glass was not in stock, they will meet up with us in Quartzite in January.

A big treat for me here, we are 275 miles from Pomona which is the site of the final NHRA fuel meet of the year.  We have reservations at an AOR resort that is about 40 miles away.  We will go for Friday qualifying which is still pretty spendy, it will quench my desire this year.

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