Happy Thanksgiving 2014


Happy Thanksgiving from Benson, AZ.  My picture is a blast from our past.  Members of the Connecticut Chapter of The National Camping Travels are shown slow roasting about 8 turkeys for our annual fall ‘Turkey Roast’.  This annual event usually brings together about 150 Masonic Families from around New England.  The ladies cook the side dishes and the dinner is served buffet style. 

The next day all the left over turkey is the basis for our ‘must Go’ soup.  Why ‘Must Go’?  Most of us are done camping for the year.  Left over food stuffs Must Go into the soup.  In truth, it is more like a stew which is wonderful in the crisp autumn air.



Holidays take on a different form with our lifestyle.  It is best that we be with a group that has the same goals and agendas that we do.  We usually spend Christmas holidays with our friends in Georgetown Texas.  This year, we will miss them, as we travel to Connecticut to visit family & friends there.

Thanksgiving this year we will be having dinner at the clubhouse here at the about 150 folks in the   Saguaro SKP Park.  8 Tables of 18 members have been arranged so that each table will be it’s own mini-potluck.  There will be plenty of food and fellowship.  I hope to post photos tomorrow.

The evening here have been diving down into the mid 30’s.  I’ve added an ‘Extend-a-stay’ to our propane system.  A motorhome has one large tank for propane.  This allows us about 2 months use in warm weather.  In cold weather we could blow thru it in about 2 weeks.  The Extend-a-Stay allows us to use a 30 pound bottle which is very easy to fill.

DSCN0764 (Medium)DSCN0761 (Medium)

The sun has just gone down leaving us be very thankful for all the joys were have been able to share.

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